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What We Do | IADE

What We Do

The International Association of Dentofacial Esthetics is a global teaching organization made up of the leaders in dentistry, plastic surgery, dermatology, esthetic physicians, nurses, and medical estheticians. The IADE stands apart in its educational support and outreach by synergistically combining the knowledge of the multiple dental and medical disciplines to provide new and innovative non-surgicaldental and facial esthetic techniques and principles for the most favorable outcomes. We also teach cross-discipline co-operation, proper practice management and business models for medical and dental practices.

The IADE has constituent branches and leadership in place around the world. We are apolitical and welcome working other similar organizations in the fields of  cosmetic dentistry, dentofacial esthetics and facial injectable therapy. We will assist  your organization or company only with proven superior  technologies and product education.

The IADE can assist your organization with development of educational programs. The IADE is a registered provider of dental and medical education  around the world including North and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Australasia. Our educational faculty uses the most accomplished and popular speakers.

Please contact our  executive faculty by email for more information at contact@dentofacialesthetics.org . The IADE will protect your intellectual property and will gladly sign any Non-Disclosure Agreements.

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